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Before and after getting married, girls be like…?

The answer is they will let their husband help them with that

Fact: If you still remember your dream clearly, it was not...

The answer is maybe it is not a dream, you just teleport to a new dimension

The dentist asked to see the upper teeth but…?

The answer is usually lower teeth is more tooth decay than the upper jaw

Find the only mistake in the picture

The answer is the boy is holding a knife to use for his cup

Of these two girls, which one is truly rich?

The answer is the girl with brown hair

Find the man pretending to be a girl in the...

The answer is the girl with red white dress, orange hair

Secrets girls don’t want boys to know

The answer is Once a week, they eat the whole fruit. If they eat it 3 times a week, they get bored quickly, so...

Only girls will understand. It is..?

The answer is they use this to wash eyeliner

Only those who have experienced it know that it is so...

The answer is boys' temperatures are usually hotter than girls', so their cold tolerance is not high

Boys think girls need this but the truth is…?

The answer is girls like to eat pickles rather than cucumbers