aespa’s Ningning Cried at Airport after being Sabotaged by SM Entertainment?

As accusations of SM sabotaging Ningning intensifies, the female idol’s latest airport appearance sparks further speculations.

As an ambassador for luxury brand Versace, aespa’s Ningning recently attended a brand event in Beijing on February 29. Here, the female idol turns head with her pink corset outfit and stunning visuals.

However, fans who attended the event have since accused SM Entertainment of “sabotaging” Ningning at the event.

According to them, SM staff refused to let Ningning take photos with VIP guests of Versace like the brand’s original brand, and even scolded the female idol in public, leaving Versace staff confused.

Later on, as Ningning appeared at the airport to Korea, fans could not help but notice the change in her demeanor.

In particular, the female idol looks way more tired than usual, and her eyes look a little puffy, leading to fans speculating that Ningning cried in private after being publicly scolded by SM.

As a result, fans are expressing their worries for Ningning on SNS, at the same time leaving harsh comments about SM Entertainment’s behavior.