Cheeky Hack To Turn 18 Days Of Annual Leave Into 48 Days Off Work In Australia

There’s no denying that the majority of us have wanted to bin 2020 quicker than a stale Chico roll.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and catastrophic bushfires at the start of the year, there are loads of people who haven’t been able to take leave and have a bit of rest and relaxation.

If you wanted to do both those things in bulk, but don’t have a lot of leave left in your work bank then there’s a crafty way to turn 18 days into 48 days off work.

While you obviously don’t spend your previous annual leave on the weekends, there are a few delicious public holidays that align in all the right spaces in the tail end of 2020 and throughout 2021 that could give you a lot of time off.

Credit: Network 10

The Christmas calendar later this year is in the perfect position to be off from December 25 to January 3.

Christmas falls on a Friday, meaning the Boxing Day public holiday will be held on Monday December 28, and you have to take three days of annual leave from December 29, 30 and 31, before you get a public holiday on January 1 and then the weekend falls on January 2 and 3.

That’s a whopping nine days aways from work for just three days of annual leave.

The next juicy moment is Australia Day and you can get another nine days off for just four days of leave.

You’ll need to take the day off on Monday January 25, then you’ll get the Australia Day public holiday, followed by three more annual leave days and then it’s the weekend. That’s January 23 to January 31 off.

Giving you the holiday vibes next is Easter, which is always a hectic time to get away but when could have 10 days off, why not make the most of it?

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Good Friday will hit us on April 2, followed by the weekend and then Easter Monday (which is also a public holiday in case you were wondering), then you’ll have to take annual leave from Tuesday to Friday and then it’s another weekend.

Um hello, ten days off for just four days of leave, get in me!

Anzac Day is a tricky one because it depends on where you live.

In New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, the public holiday only falls on the actual day, which is April 25. However for people in Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, the NT, and the ACT, they will get a day off on Monday April 26.

If those residents take off Tuesday to Friday, then they’ll have a cheeky nine days off work again.

Then finally we’re back to Christmas once again and it’s a very similar story to 2020. Because Christmas falls on a Saturday and Boxing Day on a Sunday, you’ll automatically get the Monday and Tuesday off.

Then you need annual leave from December 29 to 31, then it’s a weekend and Monday January 3 is a public holiday to make up for January 1 being on a Saturday.