Diego Loyzaga Admitted Sofia Andres Is ‘The One That Got Away’

Diego Loyzga did not hold back in admitting that Sofia Andres is “the one that got away,” or simply his TOTGA.

The 28-year-old actor got candid about his past relationship with Sofia in Aiko Melendez‘s vlog. Listing down Diego’s former partners, Aiko asked which of them he would consider “the one that got away.” Diego did not even wait a second to respond and say Sofia.

He went on to say how he had realized how big his mistake was toward Sofia, regretting what he did back then. “Oo kasi ang laki talaga ng pagkakamali ko doon kay Sofia. I wish it didn’t happen. I made a really big mistake. I was a kid. I was 20 years old… 21 years old,” he remarked.

More than five years later, Diego says he hasn’t seen Sofia, even if they’re working in the same industry. Did the two have a proper closure for their relationship? Diego pointed out that he tried seeking closure.

“I remember the last time that I saw her I went where she was. I tried to seek closure, yes. This was a long time ago,” the actor mentioned.

Now, they’re living separate and very different lives, Diego couldn’t help but be happy and proud of Sofia’s achievements. He noted that it has always been Sofia’s goal to have everything she has at the moment.

“I’m so proud. I’m so happy for her. I remember when we were together pa, the things that she has now ‘yun ‘yung mga binabanggit niya noon na sana magkaroon siya. And she has everything now,” Diego said.

Why did Diego Loyzaga and Sofia Andres break up?

There was no actual dating confirmation between Diego and Sofia. Their romance only surfaced when they finally spoke up about their breakup.

The two were paired together in the teleserye Pusong Ligaw in 2017. Months after their show, Sofia revealed that there were a lot of misunderstandings already between the two of them way back Pusong Ligaw.

“Civil lang po kami,” Sofia said in a 2018 interview. She admitted that their separation was the best choice for both of them. The actress added, “Okay na po kami nang separate, mas okay po sa amin. Kasi pag magkasama kami, laging nagka-clash po kami, mas better na.”

For her, there was just so much difference and gap between them. It appears irreparable for Sofia.”E, siguro po, iba po kasi yung wavelength namin, e. Iba rin yung lifestyle niya at yung lifestyle ko,” she shared. At the time, Sofia revealed that they hadn’t made up or put a closure yet to their relationship.

Back then, Sofia honestly said that she could not become friends with Diego just yet. “Iba po kasi talaga siguro kapag nasaktan namin yung isa’t isa nang sobra. Hindi na po namin alam kung paano magiging okay ulit,” Sofia explained.

Sofia is now in a happy relationship with Daniel Miranda, and they are parents to their cute daughter, Zoe. Diego is co-parenting his daughter Hailey with Alexis Suapengco.