Fanwar Starts After TWICE’s Nayeon Is Spotted In Same Dress As BLACKPINK’s Jennie

It sparked a fanwar.

TWICE’s Nayeon recently showed up to an event wearing a pink dress with rosettes.

While she looked absolutely gorgeous in the, it sparked a fanwar and debate on X (formerly Twitter) thanks to the similarities it had with BLACKPINK Jennie’s outfit on Lee Hyori’s Red Carpet. Jennie had worn the same dress in white.

Of course, there are some stark differences in styling. While Jennie paired the dress with a sturdier white wrap skirt and fishnet leggings, Nayeon went for a more simple look. She wore the dress on its own with nude tights.

Fans of Jennie brought up how Nayeon’s stylist seemed to be referencing Jennie frequently.

It seems like this has been a sore topic for BLINKs for a long time. Tweets from 2022 and 2023 show that this has been debated since then.

Did Nayeon steal Jennie’s stylist for her new MV because she looks so much like her in it

Can Nayeon’s stylist get off Jennie from her pinterest like it’s getting weird? Styling the same day by day like ok jennieboo much

The style is currently in trend, as rosettes are making a comeback in Korea.

The dress from Coperni is also making rounds amongst other celebrities, with Kylie Jenner

…and Shay Mitchell both sporting it.

Despite that, many are still flaming TWICE’s stylist:

This is so obvious that jyp is trying to make another jennie boo wtf

A fanwar has started, with BLINKs taking things a step too far, going to the extent of body-shaming Nayeon.

Similarly, ONCEs have taken to defending their beloved star.

On the other hand, others have taken the chance to reinforce the girls’ close friendship. Jennie and Nayeon are known to be good friends.

With styles coming and going like a revolving door, it is inevitable that some celebrities will don the same outfit. In the saturated industry that is K-Pop, similar outfits are also often spotted.