Is Ahyeon Being For.ced Out of BABYMONSTER? ‘BATTER UP’ Behind-the-Scenes Video Ignites Speculation

In a recent behind-the-scenes video release on the 30th of last month, showcasing the making of BABYMONSTER’s debut song ‘BATTER UP,’ concerns have emerged regarding the potential participation of Ahyeon, a member who faced setbacks preventing her debut due to health reasons.

Following the music video shoot, the six BABYMONSTER members-Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Lami, Rora, and Chiquita-gathered around a coffee cart. However, keen-eyed fans noted Ahyeon’s absence from the posters and banners adorning the cart, sparking speculation about her current status within the group.


A particularly telling moment in the video features Rora writing the names of the members on lockers in the background of the music video set. Notably, Ahyeon’s name is conspicuously absent during this sequence, prompting some to interpret this as a possible exclusion of Ahyeon from the BABYMONSTER lineup.

Babymonster Ahyeon

Ahyeon, recognized for her resemblance to BLACKPINK’s Jennie, earned popularity and the nickname ‘ACE’ since her public appearance in February. Despite BABYMONSTER’s debut announcement without Ahyeon, YG, the managing agency, has assured fans of their unwavering support, expressing their commitment to aiding Ahyeon’s recovery for a potential return to the group. Amid swirling rumors, ranging from withdrawal speculations to transfer rumors, the question of Ahyeon’s future involvement with BABYMONSTER remains unanswered.Babymonster chính thức debut với MV Batter Up | Harper's Bazaar Việt Nam

Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER’s debut song ‘BATTER UP’ has achieved remarkable success, setting a record for the highest number of views within 24 hours for a debut music video in the history of K-pop groups. As of 3:00 PM on the 1st, the music video has amassed an impressive 52 million views, underlining the group’s burgeoning popularity. The juxtaposition of this triumph with the uncertain fate of Ahyeon adds an additional layer of intrigue to the ongoing BABYMONSTER narrative.