Netizens Worry Over IVE’s Wonyoung Likely Not Getting Enough Sleep Due To Recent Public Appearance

“Let this girl get some sleep.”

IVE‘s members were recently seen on their way to Taiwan for the next stop of their ongoing world tour, Show What I Have. Their upcoming concert is set for March 2 and 3, after which they’ll be heading to the United States for several shows throughout the rest of the month.

While fans are excited for the upcoming shows, however, some have started to worry due to Wonyoung‘s recent public appearance that has many concerned that she’s not getting enough rest.

While she looked adorable in a puffy coat and skirt paired with bright red sneakers, people couldn’t help but notice that her eyes look a little swollen, possibly due to a lack of sleep.

Wonyoung is suspected to be one of the busiest K-Pop idols in the industry these days, seemingly always scheduled to appear somewhere on any given day. However, despite how tired she must be, she never fails to show love and appreciation to her fans, always seen with a smile on her face when interacting with them and the media.

She definitely seems like the kind of person that would overwork themselves without complaining, and fans are sending her well-wishes and hoping that she gets some well-deserved rest soon.

We hope that Wonyoung and the rest of IVE have safe travels on the rest of their tour!