Rookie boy group Ghost9 suits up for fall in their first ever fashion pictorial as a group

The members of Maroo Entertainment‘s upcoming rookie boy group Ghost9 tried out chic fall styles for their first ever fashion pictorial as a group!

The 9 Ghost9 members will be featured in the October edition of ‘Dazed‘ magazine, appealing to readers with a much more sentimental side in various fall-inspired pieces. The boys also took part in an interview after their first ever pictorial, where they were asked to name some of their role models, and what superpowers they would want to have. 

Former ‘Produce X 101‘ contestant Lee Jin Woo replied, “Park Hyo Shin sunbaenim is my role model. I listen to his songs on a daily basis. He is someone I respect very much. I want to take after his incredible singing skills and his passionate attitude toward music.” He also added on, “I want to have the ability of the rubber fruit like in ‘One Piece‘. I want to stretch my arms out infinitely and fly around like a rocket.”

Ghost9’s full fall pictorial and interview can be found in the latest issue of ‘Dazed’! Meanwhile, the group will be releasing their debut mini album ‘Pre Episode 1: Door‘ on September 23 at 6 PM KST.