Sydney Private Boys School Caught Planning Crime-Filled, Misogynistic And Dangerous Muck-Up Day

An Australian boys private school has warned students in Year 12 that they could be kicked out if they go ahead with a crime-filled and dangerous muck-up day.

Documents obtained by the Sydney Morning Herald show students at the Shore School on Sydney’s North Shore have been planning what they are calling the ‘Triwizard Shorenament’.

A handbook has been unearthed showing what the students have to do to rack up points during the muck-up day event.

There is a list of activities that have to be completed and students are to group up in teams of five or six and see who can get the most amount of points.

While that seems pretty innocuous, wait until you hear about some of the activities.

Credit: The Shore School

They start off pretty innocent: waxing your mate’s armpit, setting up a human pyramid in a public place, or get a mullet haircut.

However they quickly escalate into dangerous undertakings like downing a case of 30 beers in your group in 15 minutes, individually downing six Vodka Cruisers in six minutes, or ‘skull [sic] 700ml bottle of vodka’.

It doesn’t take a genius to see how that would play out for 17 or 18-year-olds, regardless of their tolerance.

But the Triwizard Shorenament doesn’t stop there.

The activities that get higher points get into the illegal realm and it has sparked a massive concern from the school. One of the activities includes ‘drop a cap’ of MDMA, ‘snort a line’ of cocaine or ketamine (presumably), and ‘rip a cone on the Harbour Bridge’.

Another high-scoring game is to ‘Get arrested. Must go to the police station in cuffs’.

There are also several misogynistic activities that involving women, including kissing a girl under the age of 15 or ‘Asian chick’, have sex with a woman who weighs more than 80kg, is aged over 40 or one who is deemed ‘3/10 or lower’ in attractiveness.

The document obtained by the Sydney Morning Herald also encourages students to rack up points by taking a ‘s*** on a train’, ‘break into taronga zoo’, ‘sack whack a complete random walking past’, ‘run it straight with a random and deck them’ and ‘spit on homeless man’.

Yeah…it’s wild.

Students who wanted to participate are told to document the night with photos and social media posts however not include anything illegal or inappropriate. If they’re caught, the boys are told ‘not to snitch’ on anyone else and say they were acting alone.

A spokesperson for the Shore School has told the SMH that they have sent out a letter to students to urge them not to go ahead with the Triwizard Shorenament.

“As soon as the school became aware of the document police were informed and an urgent communication was sent to all year 12 parents instructing that under no circumstances are Shore boys to participate in the activities specified,” they said.

NSW Police haven also warned students that activities like these could ruin the rest of their lives.

“The police respect the age-old tradition of muck up days, but students must take necessary precautions so celebrations do not get out of hand and become dangerous,” the spokeswoman said to the Sydney Morning Herald.

“While pranks are often part and parcel of the day, don’t engage in any behaviour that risks your welfare or the safety of others. The police are not here to spoil the fun, but they will take action if deemed necessary.”