aespa’s Karina reveals acting ambitions “I want to try romantic comedy, fantasy and action”

aespa’s Karina revealed her acting ambitions.

aespa’s Karina hosted the April 18th broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Lee Seok-hoon’s Brunch Cafe” as a special DJ on behalf of Lee Seok-hoon, who was on vacation.

Karina said, “Even though I only moved one seat over from the guest’s spot to the DJ’s seat, why does it feel so unfamiliar and nerve-wracking? Just like how it takes time to get used to new shoes, once the unfamiliar moments pass, I believe I can develop a close relationship with all of you.”

When asked if she has intentions to try acting, Karina responded, “Yes.” She confessed, “If given the opportunity, I think I could have fun with it. I want to try something mixed with comedy. I attended action school a lot, so I think action would be fun too. I want to try romantic comedy, fantasy and action.”