BABYMONSTER Says Their Live Vocals Set Them Apart From Other Female Idols, Netizens React

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BABYMONSTER is the latest group to debut from YG Entertainment.

To promote their title track “SHEESH,” they appeared on numerous programs. On April 14, one of their schedules included a radio show appearance on KBS Cool FM hosted by MC Park Myung Soo.

At one point, they were asked to name their unique selling point. Park Myung Soo asked them, “What sets BABYMONSTER apart from other female idols?”

Pharita answered that they stand out thanks to their skills. They have been trainees at YG Entertainment for several years, with Pharita herself joining in 2020.

All seven of us have been practicing for quite a while.

— Pharita

She singled out their ability to sing well live, saying, “Our vocal skills are good, and we are great live performers.”

Netizens reacted in various ways, with many believing she was “shading” a certain company.

HYBE has recently been making headlines for the poor vocal technique shown by their groups such as ILLIT and LE SSERAFIM. Some believed that she was indirectly comparing themselves to these groups.

BABYMONSTER, after all, has consistently received praise for their live vocals in each music show, radio show, and reality show performance that they’ve been on so far.

It reached a point where netizens often compared the YG Entertainment group with their HYBE counterparts.

  • “When is HYBE going to stop fighting fans? I know idol groups usually have one member who can’t sing, but I didn’t think the whole group couldn’t sing.”
  • “I didn’t care for BABYMONSTER, so I have never listened to them but I’ve seen their live performances and was genuinely shocked.”
  • “I like skilled people. I wish BABYMONSTER the best, I am going to root for them.”

Fans also came to Pharita’s defense, pointing out that they were sure she meant no harm to any group.

Regardless, they believed she spoke the truth about BABYMONSTER’s abilities.

When asked to name what makes them different from other groups prior to their official debut, BABYMONSTER mentioned their duality on stage versus off stage as their selling point, as well as their hip hop concept.