Jessy Mendiola appeals to public to stop ‘mom sha.ming’: ‘Moms are allowed to be confident, happy’

Jessy Mendiola-Manzano hit back at a netizen who criticized the celebrity mom for sharing sexy photos, stressing that mothers can do their duties while also being confident of themselves.

The sexy actress marked her 31st birthday with a photo shoot where she flaunted her curves, as seen in a series of Instagram posts on Sunday, Dec. 3.

Không có mô tả.

One @gelai_maranan then took to the actress’ comments section to say, “‘Di na bagay sa’yo [‘yung] gan’yan. [May Peanut ka na]. Masagwa tingnan,” referring to her daughter Isabella Rose.

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(Such kind of photo shoot no longer suits you. You already have a daughter. It doesn’t look decent.)

In response to the Instagram user, Mendiola wrote, “So kapag may anak bawal [na] maging comfortable sa sariling katawan? Stop mom/parent shaming… Just live and let live. Hindi ka naman inaagrabyado.”

(So are you saying that one can no longer be comfortable with their body once they have a child? Stop mom/parent shaming… Just live and let live. We don’t even cause you harm.)

Không có mô tả.

Mendiola also showed a screenshot of the netizen’s comment via her Instagram Stories and captioned it, “Sana matigil na ang ganitong thinking dito satin.” (I hope we stop having this kind of outlook.)

“Us moms are allowed to be confident and happy in our own skin. Let us be,” she continued, noting that even her TV host husband, Luis Manzano, did not take offense” over her sexy photos.