Park Bom Shocks With Drastic Weight Loss in THIS Photo: ‘Her face card never declines’

In a recent photo, 2NE1 Park Bom drew admiration for her doll-like visuals with her visibly slimmer figure, following a health issue rumor due to weight gain.

2NE1 Park Bom Flaunts Doll-Like Beauty in Recent Album Jacket Teaser

Park Bom, the main vocalist of K-pop icon 2NE1, returned to the music scene as a solo artist with unrelenting beauty!

On November 20, the singer’s agency, D-NATION Entertainment released her album jacket photo ahead of her return to the music scene with her new digital single, “I,” on its official SNS.

In the attached photo, Park Bom showed off her chic charm with the trending smokey makeup. Her glowing fair skin stood out as well in contracts with her deep black hair.

Upon seeing the photo, fans especially BLACKJACKS (2NE1 fandom) and BOMSHELL (Park Bom fans) can’t help but admire her appearance which reminded them of her early days as a girl group member.

Park Bom Shocks With Drastic Weight Loss in THIS Photo: 'Her face card never declines'

(Photo : Park Bom (Twitter))

Park Bom

(Photo : instagram|@newharoobompark@)

Aside from her overall beauty, netizens also noticed her slimmer facial features, contrary to her appearance in the past where she was criticized for her weight gain. She showed off her sleek jawline and thin figure, different from the photos she released weeks ago.

Netizens and supporters who saw this photo left rave reviews such as:

  • “Her face card never declines.”
  • “Oh, she looks so pretty.”
  • “Park Bom, you have always been so beautiful.”
  • “The queen is serving!”
  • “Mother!”
  • “A living doll!”
  • “I’m looking forward to the new song.”
  • “The styling looks good on you.”

Park Bom

(Photo : instagram|@newharoobompark@)

Park Bom has been steadily embroiled in rumors of health abnormalities since 2020. Earlier in 2021, Park Bom lost 11kg with the help of a diet company and surprised with slim beauty. But after an overseas performance, she returned to her pre-diet appearance.

Since then, she has been embroiled in rumors of health abnormalities due to her rapidly increasing weight.

Park Bom to Return With New Single ‘I’ on November 22

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(Photo : Park Bom (Instagram))

On the other hand, Park Bom, who hasn’t released any new song since “Flower” unveiled in March last year will finally return with a new song in a year and eight months.

According to her new label, D-NATION, the new single, “I” is a pop ballad genre that combines acoustic guitar melody and electric guitar.

In an initial teaser video, she piqued fans’ curiosity about what will be the storyline of the MV. However, based on preceding reports, the song will reflect Park Bom’s self and compares her current self to a lonely and grave child alone.

Park Bom is expected to stimulate listeners’ attention with her solid vocal capabilities, detailed expression, and deep emotions that shine with her unique tone. In history, she remained one of the best K-pop vocalists, drawing greater anticipation.

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