This Is What Jin Joo From ‘Reply 1988’ Looks Like Now!

Everyone can agree that Reply 1988 is not like any other K-drama. There’s just something about it that will make you whimper in a corner, sob until your eyes are swollen from too much crying, and think how you can relate to it so much despite the time difference and setting. Siri, play “Hyehwadong” by Park Boram.

One of the show’s most unforgettable characters is the adorable Jin Joo. She’s the sister of the equally adorable Sun Woo (Go Kyung Pyo). Who can ever forget this bb’s love for food? Definitely not us (because tbh, same).

Looks like you’ll have the *sweetest* dreams, Jin Joo ya~

And if you haven’t seen this super cute video of her singing one of the drama’s OSTs, watch this and it will definitely make your day:


We’re happy to report that Jin Joo, whose real name is Kim Seol, has grown up so well! Look at how pretty this little girl is now. Her hair’s longer, but those bangs still give us so much Jin Joo vibes:

After her successful stint in Reply 1988 (where she played the role of Jin Joo at the age of six!), Seol starred in the 2017 film Ayla: The Daughter of War, which is based on a real-life story of a sergeant from Turkey who saved a little Korean girl named Ayla, played by her. The name translates to “halo” in Turkish, which perfectly describes this round-faced cutie.

In 2018, our little angel finished kindergarten, and thanked her teachers in an Instagram post (which is btw, managed by her parents):

Seol spent her days enjoying her youth, which totally shows in these photos of her in a park:

These days, our Kim Seol has shown signs that she is starting to be a grown-up, far from her Jin Joo character. Wait, are those tears in our eyes??

We feel like proud parents because this adorable bun is now a little princess!

Recently, she appeared in an MBC TV show, along with other kids:

We can’t wait to see more of you, our bb! Kim Seol, hwaiting!