How Han So Hee’s Bad Girl Style Makes Her Different From Other Young Actresses

Han So Hee is loved not only for her acting roles and stunning visuals but also for her unique fashion style. The actress doesn’t confine herself to any particular image but always wears what she likes and feels comfortable in.

Her style, distinct from the typical mold of Korean actresses, receives much love in Korea. At the airport, Han So Hee loves to show off her sporty and punk rock style, effortlessly combining streetwear with mesh stockings and boots.

When she wants to add a touch of elegance, Han So Hee opts for off-shoulder tops and shorts, but pairing them with boots and fishnet stockings still adds a cool flair to her overall look.

Oversized items and crop tops are definitely wardrobe essentials for Han So Hee. Her edgy, playful outfits always garner many compliments from netizens.

Han So Hee often goes viral for her cool everyday style. She isn’t hesitant to wear unconventional, street-style outfits rarely seen on a Korean actress.

Netizens left comments:

  • Han So Hee has her own fashion taste and owns it, so she always looks charismatic.
  • I like how she doesn’t try to be sophisticated and elegant but remains faithful to her style.
  • Han So Hee’s style is very fashionable and modern, resembling that of idols rather than actresses.
  • Han So Hee looks pretty no matter what fashion style she wears; we’ve never seen this style on any other actress.

Most young actresses in Korea tend to pursue a graceful and soft style, giving off the trademark “actress aura”. It’s rare to find someone who rocks edgy style like Han So Hee does.