NCT 127’s Korean Fans Cause Controversy For Ignoring Yuta at Seoul Concert

NCT 127 took center stage for their second ‘Neo City – The Unity’ concert in Seoul on November 18th

However, amidst electrifying performances, a controversial moment involving member Yuta has ignited a debate within international fans.

During a segment, Yuta approached the audience with energy, only to find himself met with indifference from some fans. In a now-viral video, Yuta extended his microphone towards the crowd, attempting to engage with fans, but many seemed preoccupied capturing moments of other members, inadvertently ignoring Yuta.

This incident has sparked discussions about the perceived lack of respect from some NCT 127’s Korean fans towards Yuta, the group’s Japanese member. The video circulating on social media has prompted NCT 127’s fans worldwide to reflect on the importance of reciprocating idols’ enthusiasm and energy during live concerts.

Meanwhile, this concert marked a significant return for NCT 127, with ‘Neo City: Seoul – The Unity’ being their first concert in over a year. Over two weeks, from November 17 to 19 and November 24 to 26, the group attracted a total of 60,000 fans.