“Sweet Home 2” Eventually Faces Criticism, “Song Kang’s Character Becomes Supporting Role?”

Some viewers are complaining about the developments of “Sweet Home 2”

Netflix’s original series “Sweet Home” returned with Season 2 after three years. The drama drew attention from its trailer as it hinted at the more intense struggles of the main character Choi Hyun-soo (Song Kang).

On December 1st, “Sweet Home 2” was released, arousing enthusiastic reactions from global viewers. Starring Song Kang, Lee Si-young, and Go Min-si, Season 2 continues to show Hyun-soo and Green Home survivors struggling in a world where humans with desires become monsters in their new home.

Amid compliments for the expanded scale of the story, there is also criticism that the story has become too complicated due to the emergence of many new characters.

The main character of the entire “Sweet Home” series is Choi Hyun-soo played by Song Kang. Since Hyun-soo is a special infectious case, who doesn’t lose his rationality even after transforming into a monster, he was the only hope for Green Home apartment residents in Season 1.

As Hyun-soo volunteers to participate in the experiment for vaccine development in Season 2, Song Kang was also expected to showcase deeper emotional lines as the character is now standing alone after various events.

However, many people pointed out that Song Kang seems to have become more like a supporting character as too many characters were introduced in this new season at the same time. This also confused viewers and reduced chemistry among the characters compared to the previous season.

There are reactions saying details, such as the monster task force led by Yoo Oh-sung, the place where monster experiments take place, the sudden death of characters from Season 1, and the conflict between Song Kang and Lee Jin-wook’s characters, were not properly connected.

Meanwhile, “Sweet Home 2” recorded a satisfaction rate of 43.59% due to viewers’ divided opinions.