This Guy Let His Hairstylist GF Experiment With His Hair While Stuck In Quarantine

Being stuck in quarantine, you might think up all sorts of menial tasks just to pass time, like color coding the books in your shelves, ironing your socks or counting all the pieces of rice in your pantry. This couple from Georgia, however, came up with a funny and creative way to keep themselves occupied during the quarantine.

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In an interview with Bored Panda, Heidi said she started curling Geoff’s hair while he was on the computer and said to herself “I’m going to make you look like George Washington.” After she posted photos of her boyfriend’s new hairdo to Facebook and some hair forums, people absolutely loved it and the photos quickly went viral.

“I kept up with it because the responses were so uplifting. Our industry, among others, is in limbo, we don’t have clients, we don’t get paid, many are self-employed. The love we received is why we kept the series going,” said Heidi. The hairstylist adds that she wanted to be “a little glimmer of light during the shadows of the uncertainty of [the hair] industry.”

Geoffrey channeling his inner Winehouse

The girl revealed that she loves playing with Geoff’s hair and he just happens to love it too. “He has a heart of gold for letting me do this and post it,” added Heidi. Apparently, the couple received loads of hairstyle requests in the comments so we’ll probably be seeing more in the future.

Geoff’s first prom

“It’s fun to step out of your comfort zone and learn some new techniques that I will definitely be using when I’m back behind the chair,” said the hairstylist. As for Geoff, he says he lets Heidi do this because he knows how much she loves doing hair – what a guy.

George Washington typing out a new constitution

Cindy Lou Who

Image credits: heidileeoley

People found Geoff’s new hairstyles absolutely amazing