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Which door should I enter to live?

The answer is the beach

Normal people only see there 1 frog in the picture, few...

80% of people cannot see the horse in this photo

Attention! Spot the mistake in the kitchen image in just...

Look closely at the kitchen image and see if you can spot the error in just 5 seconds. The challenge is on: can you...

Which is the longest rope?

D is the longest

Guess where the cat is?

Between the two tree branches above were full of deer

Which cup of water is first?

cup number 4

Which animal is the most harmful in the world?

All three have deadly venom  

Which door will the man choose to escape the mysterious house?

If you look carefully at all the exits in the image, you will be able to identify the safest Escape door. So, let’s look...

Normal people will only see the horse

You can see the squirrel if you turn the photo around